Solutions and Features

Automate and standardize your timekeeping process with PayrollPro.PH

Perfect solution for companies of all sizes who want to track time and attendances without the usual overhead costs of traditional system or expensive modular software. Our complete set of attendance function and advance timekeeping technology can help you manage with accuracy, ease, and confidence even with thousands of employees.

Built-In Web Bundy and Biometric Integration

Attendance tracking system with built-in web-bundy clock that gives real-time reports anywhere you are. You can also choose to integrate your existing or new biometric device with PayrollPro.PH. Automatically sync all your devices from different sites.

If you are using, or want to use biometric with finger print scanner, retina scanner, or face recognition device, we can have it synced with our system using ADMS or Port Forwarding. Sounds good, right? But there is more, we can also integrate our platform with the existing system that you have to sync time data like school management system, recruitment software, project management system, and accounting system with API.

Simplified Attendance Computation

Click In, Click Out and your attendance is readily computed.
Your managers can see who’s in and view attendance reports anytime, anywhere.

Our platform simplifies all the complicated computations of OT, ND, and Premium pay in Philippine payroll settings. It can accommodate the peculiarities of time report from ther different companies in the BPO, Manufacturing, Service, and Retail Industries.

Systematic Time Reports

Our systematic time reporting process improves controls, visibility, and transparency of attendance data to eliminate fraud, error, and disputes. It also improves the sense of responsibility of both employees and supervisors.

So either your Company is complying with SOX or just meticulous about assurance, we can help you get the controls you need.

Leave Management

Let your employees gain focus and productivity, let them help you achieve your business goals and be excited to accomplish their tasks while they plan their dream vacations. We will help you monitor everything from your dashboard. We assure you all are looking at the same data.

Our leave management module is designed to adapt different company settings may it be for approval process, accrual, reporting, cash conversion, and balance transfer. If you have other settings, we can add it for you.

Resolve Attendance Issues Immediately

Our timekeeping module provides data transparency and it also has flexible layers of control to ensure employees will comply and respect your Company's attendance policies. When an employee encounters issue in his/her attendance, he/she can resolve it with his supervisor or with the HR using our ‘resolve attendance’ function.

Through this function, you can resolve any attendance issues before the employees sign-off their time reports. It ensures that every issue is cleared before the payroll processing — that no attendance issue will cross the next cut-off and will form part of any adjustments.

All HR Required Solutions in One Platform

We optimize all HR essentials to help you automate and centralize your organizational processes and documents. Our expertise combined with technology will surely simplify work to complement your HR & Accounting workforce.

Employee Information Management System

Organize your employees 201 files hassle-free. You don’t have to go through multiple folders to access employee information with our unified employee information management system.

Keep your records up to date. View every details whenever, wherever. Accurately handle employee benefits. Track employee history with so much ease.

Our easy-to-use HR tool can improve your HR efficiency up to 95%. We guarantee convenience, accuracy, reliability and security of system records.

Self-service Access

Our self-service portal allows employees to punch in and out of work,view their employee profile, see their payslips, file their leaves, submit tickets, manage their team, and many more.

Substance over form. We added only the necessary functions for your specific needs.

Workforce Management

Create teams, assign managers, add members and modify schedules.

We made it a lot easier for you to manage your workforce schedule and allow you to customize according to your schedule flexibility requirements.

Centralize your Company Policies and Guidelines

Centralize your organization policies, announcements, bulletins and contracts with our built-in document management module. It’s an additional feature to help you consolidate and organize important documents.

Rationalize the way you manage your payroll, do it like how industry leaders do it.

Payroll System with One-click Report Processing

It is our expertise so we made it easy and simple for you. We made a payroll system that reduces 95% of payroll processing time and cuts processing cost while improving accuracy and reliability of your reports.

PayrollPro.PH can help you automate the computation of different pay types and all other deductions for SSS, PHIC, HDMF, Taxes, Loans.

Just a click, and your payroll is done.

Automated Computation for Tax and Contributions

Our system computes proper level of withholding tax every cut-off, and normalizes the tax annual reporting to ensure deduction every payroll is fair to all parties and all Government dues are complied with.

We ensure strict compliance of our system and we constantly do necessary updates so we are 100% certain that our clients comply with all the mandatory requirements of the Philippine Government.

Loan Monitoring

Monitor balances and manage remittances of employee loans, expense charges, and reimbursements using our built-in ledger.

Any payroll instruction can be directly done by the employee using the self-service portal. The payroll admin can also do it directly from his dashboard.

This module auto-creates ticket which summarizes all the transactions in one page. It makes a great way to monitor all payroll instructions, so there is no way you can miss a thing.

All Types of Payout are Supported

Our system is designed to support weekly (52), bi-weekly (26), semi-monthly (24) and monthly (12) payouts.

You can also process different pays like leave conversion, 13th month pay, commission, and bonuses as part of regular or special cut-off.

Monitor and handle the final pay of resigned employees in just few simple steps.

Bank File for Payroll Crediting

We generate bank files of leading payroll banks.
BPI --- Bizlink
UnionBank --- OneHub
MetroBank --- eGov
Security Bank --- eGov
EastWest Bank --- eGov
ChinaBank --- eGov

We also do uploader file for
Bank of America --- CashPro (ACH and PBR payment type)
Globe GCash

Dedicated Support

We also have team to serve you in case you need a co-pilot to run your HR and do your reports for the government compliance. Our well-trained and hardworking staff will surely deliver great satisfaction on top of our platform.

Whether you need a Payroll Accountant, HR Coordinator, or Data Manager, we are here to support you.

We have other special services that can help you handle your projects much easier.

Third-party Integration

PayrollPro.PH is open to integrate with all other leading project management and accounting tools like TimeDoctor, Trello, Salesforce, and Xero.

We are also open to integrate your account into your payment channels to give you more convenience in disbursing your payroll.

Analytical Tools and Customized Report for Manager

We will give you analytical tool or specialized report from your own payroll database. This is on the top of the default tool that we have in our system.


Choose a plan that's right for you. You can start with a free plan and upgrade as you grow, inclusive of all HR features.
No credit card required to subscribe.

Number of Employees

Monthly Subscription Fee (Amount in PHP)

Dedicated Payroll Accountant (Optional only)

One-time Deployment and Training Assistance (Optional only)

First 20 employees




21 to 500 employees




501 to 2,000 employees




2,001 to 5,000 employees




5,001 and up employees




You can start with a free plan and upgrade as you grow,  inclusive of all HR features. No credit card required to start.

Are you an accountant or a firm? If yes, we have special rate for you. Reach us, and let's help each other grow.

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